"We have been told by a voice to remember our Tsalagi (Cherokee) ancestors, to pass on their ways, so they can't be forgotten. To help and serve one another for everyone's benefit. The less arguing, fighting, and grudges we hold the sooner our lives, our communities, and our world will be a better place to live". Our history is different than those whose ancestors were removed. Remember the Treaty of New Echota and the selling of our Tribal lands. We seek unity now for all Tribes, Nations and Bands of Tsalagi (Cherokee), we united together are the Ani-Yun'wi'ya, the Principal People, apart we are but lost. Remember we are the "Keepers of the Sacred Fire". Remembering this is a moral obligation to our future generations.

Our goals are specific; to gather all those who claim the right to be recognized as Tsalagi (Cherokee) , under one tribal membership organization. We will teach our children and grandchildren to appreciate the sacrifices of our ancestors, to respect their many hardships and to learn and teach our history, language and culture to the future generations before it is lost forever.

With your help, The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) will become the largest Tsalagi (Cherokee) tribal membership organization in the world. We invite you to be a part of our future as we continue with "THE GATHERING".

Now is the time for "THE GATHERING"

Interested in Joining? Fulfill your destiny!

If you have one drop of Tsalagi (Cherokee) blood and feel a need to join with your family; I invite you to fill out your application for membership and join with us today in, "THE GATHERING". Become a part of the future of The United Cherokee Nation (UCN). Do this for your children and your grandchildren. "We Will Not Forget" those ancestor's that came before us.

We are an International Tribal Membership Organization and welcome all those of Tsalagi (Cherokee) blood to join with us no matter where you live on "Mother Earth"

Stone Bear

Nvya Yona

O'siyo (Hello) to all, I am called Stone Bear; As I pass through my Eleventh Anniversary of being named National / Principal Chief, I again renew my pledge to you. I accept this great responsibility as your Chief with humble respect. My word to you is, "I will continue to give my best for the good of all of the people".

As we continue to grow, I urge each of you to be an Ambassador for our organization and to continue to meet and "Gather the Lost Tsalagi". These times are changing and we do need to remember the old ways and to honor our ancestors.

Please pray for me, our Elders and Tribal Council so that we may hear the voice of the Creator and do his will, for the best of all of the people. Wado (Thank You), to all of my brothers and sisters who have joined in this massive effort to gather the Lost Tsalagi (Cherokee) into One International Tribal Membership Organization. Some of you I already have met or spoken with, in the future I look forward to meeting and talking with each member of The United Cherokee Nation (UCN). Until we see each other (or meet) again  (do-`da-ga-g`hv-i) !


Attention any  State Social Services Agencies or workers.

We are not a Federal Tribe and we do not provide any social services to children. For the  ICW Act, please do  not send registered letters requesting our Organization to take charge of children involved in adoption procedures through your services or court systems. Please contact the appropriate American Indian Tribe.



Chief's Messages'


Many Blessings to all in the 2017 New Year !


Wado, for our dues paying members and welcome to the new members for 2017.


 As of March 21, 2015 we have a new National Office and National Secretary, we will notify the potential new members by email, and our membership application is now posted. Presently new applications are being accepted.

I am traveling and will renew the ID Cards through Chief Raven.

 Members may pay your yearly dues, due by December 31 each year, online by PayPal or by mail to;

The UCN National Office
I am thankful that Chief Raven has stepped up to help me.

Wado for your patience. SB

Contact Information;  

The UCN National Office
C/O Chief Raven Berlowitz
5215 North 38th. Street
Omaha, NE 68111

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